The Snowgrass Farm Vision


Snowgrass Farm aspires to grow high quality produce for the greater Leavenworth valley, focusing on regenerative organic methods, minimal tillage, ecological stewardship, soil biology, crop nutrition, weed management and overall farm life diversity. Snowgrass is establishing a no-till system and implementing various permaculture concepts that will help us reach these goals, and most importantly, build the soil’s fertility. Our healthy ecosystem will in turn provide incredibly nutritious and flavorful produce. 


About the Farmer

Jenny Bourgeois

Jenny grew up in Utah and spent her young adult life exploring its raging rivers, snow covered mountains and desert plateaus. She and her husband found Washington after years of traveling the West in search of a perfect place suited for farming and skiing.  They are deeply rooted and in love with the amazing Leavenworth community they call home.

Snowgrass Farm is the realization of Jenny’s farming experiences and apprenticeships over the years. With the support from her husband, family and friends, Jenny and the farm are committed to local food, sustainability and the community that supports it.

Photo Courtesy of  Alder Photography

Photo Courtesy of Alder Photography