how It works

  • The Friend of the Farm Card is a flexible system that allows you to purchase the kind of produce you want, when you want it

  • Like a traditional CSA, you will buy into the Friend of the Farm Card in the spring at either $150, $200 or $250 levels (depending on your veggie purchasing needs), which provides income for the farm before the Market season begins

  • We will not deliver a box each week, but instead you can shop at the Farmers Markets or farm-stand and purchase what you want in the quantities you want. Your account will be credited each time you purchase produce. this system acknowledges people's active summer schedules while giving customers more purchasing freedom

where to use it

Friend of the Farm  Potluck Dinner 2019,  photo courtesy of

Friend of the Farm Potluck Dinner 2019, photo courtesy of


  • Multiple buy-in amounts intended to accommodate your family’s veggie needs

  • No need to have cash at the Market

  • Receive a weekly email of produce availability and recipes

  • Any remaining balance at the end of the season will carry over for you to use next season (carry over available for 1 season)

  • This system encourages Card members to support other local farms and products at the Farmers Market as we will not be growing everything

  • Friend of the Farm Potluck Farm Dinner!

New this year!

  • U-pick! berries (raspberry and blackberries!), cherry tomatoes, basil and flowers. Bulk purchases for pickling cucumbers and sauce tomatoes will also be available

  • Snowgrass Farm t-shirts! with our beautiful new logo, courtesy of local designer NORSE Creative, the farm will be offering card members a chance to purchase Snowgrass Farm tee-shirts. These will only be available at the beginning of the season and only to friends of the farm. Stay tuned once you’ve signed up for more details

  • Friend of the Farm Dirty-Hands Fête. 2 optional 3-hour gatherings for you to come out and see the farm and get your hands dirty! One will be in the Spring and one in the Fall.

Snowgrass Farm volunteers prepping tomato beds, 2018

Snowgrass Farm volunteers prepping tomato beds, 2018